Ma Noise aka Grandma has a noise band
In Ma We Trust!
The 93 year old Noise "legend" Ma Noise abuses laptops in her latest CD-R release!
Featured Video:
Click below for moving picture entertainment (with plenty of noise). mp4 for your ipod and Quicktime 7

More videos are on my YouTube channel.
ants video for ipod mp4
Carpenter ant infestation is captured on tape. Audio by "The Difficult Listening Channel". [23 Mb]
video for ipod
Video for your iPod or Quicktime player. Screwed up images and laptop noise. This one's big [30 Mb]
iguanas of Gasparilla island
Iguana Invasion
Thousands of giant lizards take over a small island.... Video and pictures of these critters [GO]
video of eastern diamondback rattle snake
Video for your iPod or Quicktime player. See an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake cross my path. [GO]
video for ipod
The Bugs
Video of strange insect colony moving to static. OK, they were moving on their own and I added the static. And what does the dragonfly want?
hot women love laptop noise!
Everyone knows that noise makes life better. But, it can be so hard to find the right kind of noise for that special occasion. Hot date? Family dropping by? Big corporate meeting tomorrow? Just got your colon scraped? What to do? is here to help - it's our mission.

Research and Development is the key to success (that and a huge dose of luck). You can't just sit down and expect your laptop to puke out an epic noise opus. It takes guts, courage, and the ability think outside the box... and risk blowing things up.

Here's some artists who use laptops to make noise.

Free Stuff:
Links to free mp3s, Reaktor noise ensemble, more.

Here's a few links to free (or shareware) software
(I've used these as part of my noisemaking arsenal)

gleetchLAB v.2.1 (now out!!!)
REplay PLAYer 3.1


turn your zen garden into a noise garden
zen garden to noise garden
Iguanas Invade Florida!

GASPARILLA ISLAND April, 2007 - I return to the island a year later to find its unwelcome dragons! Pictures, video and updates are here.
Iguana Invasion Gasparilla Island Florida 2007
my laptop noise setup
Laptop Hell!
The noise ensemble created for Reaktor is ready to download free here....
mali uromastyx lizard
Mali Uromastyx invades my house!

This 10 inch bundle of joy joins my "cast of characters" and brings her own unique form of noise along (she farted, I swear!)
my laptop noise setup
Have a quick look at my laptop noise setup....
free WAV files
Free Glitch Sound Effects
Lots of free sound effects to download. Great for ring tones, web sites, games and more!
download free video clips
FREE Video clips
Download several of my video clips and use them in your online and offline creations. Great for splitting jump cuts and scene transitions. has free downloads for your computer.
laptop noise music
>>> Ask LaptopNoise <<<
send your question to:

Not sure what to play for a special event? Ask us and we'll make it for you! FREE!

"My Dad's 50th birthday is coming up and I really want to play something he'll remember at his party. Any suggestions?"
- Ben, CA

Why yes, Ben, I've got a great suggestion. How about something that's playful, yet, serious, that is full of live and vigor. Here goes: (remember to "save to disc")


"I've got a big date coming up and I think that she's 'the one'. I want something that will set the mood."
- Alex, MO

Alex, here's a special something to set the mood whether she's 'the one' for life or just for the night. Good luck!

makeoutmagic.mp3 - loud laptop = good laptop = chick magnet ** results may vary
Circuit Bent Sputnik
This is what I love about making noise on my laptop. And now, you can download my Reaktor ensemble FREE!!!!
show off your laptop noise machine


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Free Music & WAV files
Don't have time to create your own laptop noise? No problem, I've made some for you!
free WAV files
Reaktor makes noise.
The Evolution of a Noise Instrument
From simple beginnings then growing into complex chaos. I'll show you the inner workings of an instrument created for the sole purpose of making noise.
Iguanas of Boca Grande
April 2008 - I went back to Gasparilla to document the iguana invasion. - New pictures and video.
Iguanas of Boca Grande Florida

Wall Street Bailout Generator

My latest soft synth creation in Reaktor 5. Inspired by today's economic issues this glitch machine is too big to fail! Click on the video or the link above to view a larger version.

Check out my new Laptop Noise machine here!