Finally bought a German knife set

I’ve always wondered my mother didn’t need new kitchen knives so I questioned her about it. She said that the German knives that she bought had a lifetime warranty and they’re made out of durable stainless steel. (Look here: The good german knife sets).  At the age of 16, I didn’t understand what she was talking about but a few years later, I finally understood. 

The Feel of German Knives

I tested out my sister’s chef knife which was made by the Japanese and then I tried my mother’s Wusthof chef knife. I easily spotted the difference. The Wusthof had more weight to it and it had the right balance for me to enjoy slicing through vegetables and meat. The Shun had a thinner blade compared to the Wusthof.

You don’t need to use much effort when slicing. You just need to glide the Wusthof on a Tomato and it will just sink into it. Japanese knives are also particular about their looks. The Wusthof looks like an ordinary knife compared to the Shun’s blade which was covered with 32 layers of alloy to create a Damascus steel look.

The Wusthof knife has made cooking much easier. I also find myself helping my mom more often as the razor sharp edge slices anything in its path which saves a lot of time.

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