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Don't have time to create your own laptop noise? No problem, I've made some for you!
free glitch sound effects!
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GL1-014.mp3 GL1-009.mp3 GL1-011.mp3 GL1-012.mp3 GL1-004.mp3 GL1-005.mp3 GL1-006.mp3 GL1-007.mp3 GL1-016.mp3 GL1-017.mp3 GL1-086.mp3 GL1-003.mp3 GL1-013.mp3 GL1-015.mp3 GL1-008.mp3 GL1-084.mp3 GL1-085.mp3 GL1-083.mp3 GL1-081.mp3 GL1-082.mp3 GL1-001.mp3 GL1-002.mp3 GL1-020.mp3 GL1-018.mp3 GL1-019.mp3 GL1-021.mp3 GL1-022.mp3 GL1-023.mp3 GL1-024.mp3 GL1-025.mp3 GL1-026.mp3 GL1-027.mp3 GL1-028.mp3 GL1-029.mp3 GL1-030.mp3 GL1-031.mp3 GL1-032.mp3 GL1-033.mp3 GL1-034.mp3 GL1-067.mp3 GL1-036.mp3 GL1-035.mp3 GL1-037.mp3 GL1-038.mp3 GL1-039.mp3 GL1-040.mp3 GL1-041.mp3 GL1-042.mp3 GL1-043.mp3 GL1-044.mp3 GL1-045.mp3 GL1-046.mp3 GL1-047.mp3 GL1-048.mp3 GL1-051.mp3 GL1-049.mp3 GL1-050.mp3 GL1-052.mp3 GL1-053.mp3 GL1-054.mp3 GL1-055.mp3 GL1-056.mp3 GL1-057.mp3 GL1-058.mp3 GL1-059.mp3 GL1-060.mp3 GL1-061.mp3 GL1-062.mp3 GL1-063.mp3 GL1-064.mp3 GL1-066.mp3 GL1-065.mp3 GL1-068.mp3 GL1-069.mp3 GL1-070.mp3 GL1-071.mp3 GL1-072.mp3 GL1-073.mp3 GL1-074.mp3 GL1-075.mp3 GL1-076.mp3 GL1-077.mp3 GL1-078.mp3 GL1-079.mp3 GL1-080.mp3 GL1-098.mp3 GL1-099.mp3 GL1-149.mp3 GL1-125.mp3 GL1-141.mp3 GL1-103.mp3 GL1-104.mp3 GL1-105.mp3 GL1-106.mp3 GL1-090.mp3 GL1-136.mp3 GL1-126.mp3 GL1-127.mp3 GL1-100.mp3 GL1-101.mp3 GL1-095.mp3 GL1-096.mp3 GL1-097.mp3 GL1-123.mp3 GL1-124.mp3 GL1-088.mp3 GL1-089.mp3 GL1-087.mp3 GL1-128.mp3 GL1-129.mp3 GL1-130.mp3 GL1-131.mp3 GL1-132.mp3 GL1-133.mp3 GL1-134.mp3 GL1-135.mp3 GL1-111.mp3 GL1-112.mp3 GL1-113.mp3 GL1-114.mp3 GL1-115.mp3 GL1-116.mp3 GL1-117.mp3 GL1-118.mp3 GL1-119.mp3 GL1-120.mp3 GL1-121.mp3 GL1-102.mp3 GL1-107.mp3 GL1-108.mp3 GL1-139.mp3 GL1-140.mp3 GL1-142.mp3 GL1-143.mp3 GL1-144.mp3 GL1-145.mp3 GL1-146.mp3 GL1-147.mp3 GL1-148.mp3 GL1-137.mp3 GL1-138.mp3 GL1-150.mp3 GL1-151.mp3 GL1-152.mp3 GL1-153.mp3 GL1-154.mp3 GL1-155.mp3 GL1-156.mp3 GL1-157.mp3 GL1-158.mp3 GL1-159.mp3 GL1-160.mp3 GL1-161.mp3 GL1-162.mp3 GL1-163.mp3 GL1-164.mp3 GL1-165.mp3 GL1-166.mp3 GL1-167.mp3 GL1-168.mp3 GL1-169.mp3 GL1-170.mp3 GL1-171.mp3 GL1-109.mp3 GL1-110.mp3 GL1-091.mp3 GL1-092.mp3 GL1-093.mp3 GL1-094.mp3 GL1-122.mp3 GL1-172.mp3 GL1-173.mp3 GL1-174.mp3 GL1-175.mp3 GL1-176.mp3 GL1-177.mp3 GL1-178.mp3 GL1-179.mp3 GL1-180.mp3 GL1-181.mp3 GL1-182.mp3 GL1-183.mp3 GL1-184.mp3 GL1-185.mp3 GL1-186.mp3 GL1-187.mp3 GL1-188.mp3 GL1-189.mp3 GL1-190.mp3 GL1-191.mp3 GL1-192.mp3 GL1-193.mp3 GL1-194.mp3 GL1-195.mp3 GL1-196.mp3 GL1-197.mp3 GL1-198.mp3 GL1-199.mp3 GL1-200.mp3 GL1-201.mp3 GL1-202.mp3 GL1-203.mp3 GL1-204.mp3 GL1-205.mp3 GL1-206.mp3 GL1-207.mp3 GL1-208.mp3 GL1-209.mp3 GL1-210.mp3 GL1-211.mp3 GL1-212.mp3 GL1-213.mp3 GL1-217.mp3 GL1-218.mp3 GL1-219.mp3 GL1-220.mp3 GL1-221.mp3 GL1-222.mp3 GL1-223.mp3 GL1-224.mp3 GL1-225.mp3 GL1-226.mp3 GL1-227.mp3 GL1-228.mp3 GL1-229.mp3 GL1-230.mp3 GL1-231.mp3 GL1-232.mp3 GL1-233.mp3 GL1-234.mp3 GL1-235.mp3 GL1-236.mp3 GL1-237.mp3 GL1-238.mp3 GL1-239.mp3 GL1-240.mp3 GL1-241.mp3 GL1-242.mp3 GL1-243.mp3 GL1-244.mp3 GL1-245.mp3 GL1-246.mp3 GL1-247.mp3 GL1-248.mp3 GL1-214.mp3 GL1-215.mp3 GL1-216.mp3 GL1-249.mp3 GL1-250.mp3 GL1-251.mp3 GL1-252.mp3 GL1-253.mp3 GL1-254.mp3 GL1-255.mp3 GL1-256.mp3


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turn your zen garden into a noise garden
zen garden to noise garden
Free Glitch Sound Effects!
These are some glitchy "extras" that I made, so I figured that you could benefit from them.
What do they sound like? How about beeps, buzzers, sputters, blasts and more.
Here's the deal....

Here's all the sounds "zipped" into a single file for faster download... [click here]

I created all of these sounds (using my laptop) and I have all the rights to do with them what I want so....

You can download them (remember to 'save to disc") and use them "Royalty-free".

Here's some suggestions:

- web site 'buttons'
- flash animations
- radio imaging / IDs
- ringtones
- computer games
- your music
- video production
- sweepers
- multimedia production
- more....

But, you can NOT EVER - create a sound effects library which include ANY of these sounds and sell or give away that library.....

As always, I appreciate good wishes, links to my web sites, and even when you purchase my "pay for" products. Thanks!

Good. Now that we have that out of the way....

Here's the stats:

These are 192 kbps stereo mp3 format sounds. They are very short in duration and work great when you mix and match them in series to create sound phrases. Have fun!


Circuit Bent Sputnik
This is what I love about making noise on my laptop. And now, you can download my Reaktor ensemble FREE!!!!
Remember to "Save to Disc"
Laptop Hell!
The noise ensemble created for Reaktor is ready to download free here....
my laptop noise setup
FREE Video clips
Download several of my video clips and use them in your online and offline creations. Great for splitting jump cuts and scene transitions.
download free video clips