my laptop noise setup
Have a quick look at my laptop noise setup....
Ma Noise aka Grandma has a noise band
In Ma We Trust!
The 93 year old Noise "legend" Ma Noise abuses laptops in her latest CD-R release!
my laptop noise setup
Laptop Hell!
The noise ensemble created for Reaktor is ready to download free here....
free WAV files
Free Glitch Sound Effects
Lots of free sound effects to download. Great for ring tones, web sites, games and more!
free WAV files
Free Music & WAV files
Don't have time to create your own laptop noise? No problem, I've made some for you!
The Evolution of a Noise Instrument
From simple beginnings then growing into complex chaos. I'll show you the inner workings of an instrument created for the sole purpose of making noise.
Reaktor makes noise. has free video downloads for your computer.
laptop noise music
I've created several short video clips that are great for scene transitions or short visual effects... Free for you to download and use.

Click the thumbnail images to download these free video clips (save to disc!). You can use them royalty-free in your own productions whether on the web, television, DVD, or multimedia or just about anything. But, don't sell these clips or include them in any library or collection for free or for sale.

Each video clip is about 1 second long .mov format H.264 compressed, 640x480 and 30 fps. The video has a "lo-fi" grainy look which works great between jump cuts and fast pans... other stuff too.
turn your zen garden into a noise garden
Free Video Clips!

*** Remember to "Save to Disc"


zen garden to noise garden
Circuit Bent Sputnik
This is what I love about making noise on my laptop. And now, you can download my Reaktor ensemble FREE!!!!
here's some free video clips


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free video clip 1
free video clip 2
free video clip 3
free video clip 4
free video clip 5
free video clip 6
free video clip 7
free video clip 8
free video clip 9
free video clip 10
free video clip 11
Just import these .mov files into your video editing program (I've used them in iMovie - but they should work in Final Cut, Vegas, Quicktime Pro or any video editor that can convert or use mov files).

Oh, there's no audio on these clips, so you can put whatever you want over them. Or download some free sounds from my "free glitch sound effects" page.