Iguana invasion of Gasparilla Island, Florida
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Iguanas Invade Gasparilla Island, Florida!
2008 Update - Fewer Adult Iguanas on the Island.

Video from my April 2008 trip to Gasparilla Island.
image of spiny tail iguana on Gasparilla Island Florida

Boca Grande Gasparilla Island, Florida. The effort to reduce the population of black spiny-tailed iguanas seems to be working.

I've heard that about 7,000 iguanas have been killed (mostly adults). And the fact that I spotted 1 adult for every 10 or more juveniles tells me that the above statistic is probably accurate.

juvenile spiny tailed iguanas were still common on the island
This is no longer just a Boca Grande issue: Black spiny-tailed iguanas have been sighted on the mainland (I spotted 2 on the mainland just after leaving the island). Also, this species of iguana has been seen as far north as Sarasota County.

Vsit my earlier "Iguana Invasion" page for more pictures and video from my 2007 trip.

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Above: This is one of the few adult iguanas that I saw on the island during my 2008 visit (click image for a larger view).
All images on this page are stills from video that I shot while visiting Gasparilla Island - April 2008.
Above: Plenty of small iguanas still call Boca Grande home (click images for larger view).
young iguana basking on a palm tree
All images and video by Michael Oster © 2008, all rights reserved.

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Iguana soaks in the sun - Gasparilla Island April 2008.
Above: This is one of the "larger" small iguanas that I spotted on the island. This one's parents probably fell victim to a pellet gun. Frame taken from video shot April 2008 (click image for larger view).
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Smithsonian National Zoological Park 2005 article on Florida's introduced iguanas and other reptiles.